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K2 Drones Inc.

*Aerial Photography & Video for Residential Real Estate

Specializing in Realtor needs with aerial views of the property being sold and the surrounding area within a 1-mile radius. We offer a finished product of 25 aerial shots of properties, and 1 aerial video per property, and 3 landmarks within 2-mile radius, needed to make that sale.


*Drones for Commercial Real Estate

Aerial photos provide valuable insight to potential clients. This will help to sell or rent your commercial property on the market. Your clients can now see the property's major routes and proximity to other businesses and a surrounding area within a 2-mile radius. Vacationers will be able to see how close a property is to the beach or attraction close by.  We provide 25 photos, 2 videos, and 5 landmarks within 2-mile radius.  Photos and Videos are sent to you via email. Landmarks can include a mall, grocery, access to recreation or necessities.


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Remote Pilot In Command-Carl K.

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*Aerial 360 degree video 

You the viewer have full control of video.

Want to find out if your subject or claimant is home, without driving down a long dirt road or passing by their home being captured on their home security camera system and taking a chance of getting made, burnt, or seen? 

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We are Hiring UAV Pilots throughout the USA!

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UAV Pilots!  Come  Fly for K2 Drones Inc.


K2 Drones Inc. is hiring (FAA) Part 107 Certified Remote Pilots with Drone experience who can pilot missions in support of K2 Drones Inc. clients nationwide. This position is a contractor (1099) role, but offers top pay for Pilots! Potential Pilots must have a minimum of 40 logged hours and must be willing to travel to client locations.

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FAA Compliance: K2 Drones, Inc. is in compliance with all Federal Aviation Association regulations and procedures pertaining to small unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) outlined in 14 CFR Part 107.

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