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Here at Keyes Investigations, we are discreet and work for you, providing accurate results.

It's the most heartbreaking suspicion that your spouse or partner may be cheating on you. Living day to day not knowing the truth. We will uncover all the details to give you peace of mind.

 Get the answers you need, so you can move forward.

At Keyes Investigations, we always operate with caution and privacy, because we understand how much is on the line when you are worried about the state of your relationship or marriage.

The CEO of Keyes Investigations has over 13 years of experience as a Private Investigator. Some of our work involves:

  • Spousal surveillance

  • Tracking their vehicles

  • Identifying the other person

Need to gather evidence so you can finally break away from someone, or collecting information to be used in court for divorce or child custody hearings?


Common Signs of a Cheating Spouse

  • Your partner becomes more hostile to you, one common way is to put the blame on you. Making excuses that you have become boring, and not good at sex anymore.

  • They panic when you pick up their phone, suddenly telling you what you can and cannot do with their phone

  • Dressing differently, giving more personal attention to grooming.

  • Constantly deleting texts and clearing browsing history

  • You can't find them for hours, and always having an excuse

  • Act angry and nervous around you? They are projecting their own fears and insecurities.

  • Coming home all hours in the night

  • Improvement in appearance

  • Always traveling for work with you tagging along, suddenly saying  you cannot come 

  • They become lovey-dovey, constantly checking where you are, or where you will be.


How Does an Infidelity Investigation Work?

Investigations of a cheating spouse are based on the needs and objectives of the investigation:

  • Surveillance: Our investigator will observe and monitor your spouse or significant other using advanced and discreet methods to obtain information.  We will get the answers to your gut suspicions, and uncover the facts about your spouse. In most cases, it takes about 3 to 4 days to get activity, sometimes they might be flying out to meet someone in another state or going on a vacation with someone. However, we can get you answers.

  • Gathering Evidence: Catching a cheating spouse on tape is never pleasant, if we uncover adequate proof of infidelity, then the evidence can be used to sway the outcome of a divorce settlement or even give you the resources you need to confront your spouse or significant other. We do have cases where your spouse is not unfaithful, you’ll at least have peace of mind that your suspicions were wrong.

  • Professional Techniques: Choosing the professionals at Keyes Investigation Investigations, we give you our years of experience, using cutting-edge investigative methods to find out whether your significant other is unfaithful or not. Our team is equipped with access to technology that the average person would not have. 

Keyes Investigation is not qualified to give advice. We are solely an Investigation company, and provide services in a professional manner that will ensure safety to everyone concerned.

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