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Keyes Investigations Inc.

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  • Surveillance 

    • We place your subject under surveillance for eight (8) hours, on-site and document all of their physical activities using various recording devices. We also document their activities in a written report. 

  • Accident reconstuction

    • This involves a number of things including taking measurements of the accident scene, as well as taking pictures of the scene and the vehicles involved in the accident. We will also interview witnesses, all law enforcement involved with the accident, and anyone who participated with the file i.e., towing services, auto garages, emergency professionals and others.

  • Activity checks

    • We will perform a database investigation to verify the subject's critical information before working a case. We use several data sources to obtain as much information on your subject as possible. In addition to these searches, a social security trace of the subject is conducted for the following information: current and prior addresses, a list of all surrounding neighbors, photos of the surrounding area, a search for vehicle information, criminal and civil searches and much more.

  • Locates

    • When a client only has a P.O. Box as the primary address for the subject or vague information related to the subject's address, we will conduct a database search to locate the subject's current physical address.

  • Witness statements

    • We will interview a subject, witnesses and/or other individuals who have some relationship to a case and obtain critical information from these people regarding a file. We will also obtain a photo of the witness or claimant at time of the statement.

  • Bodyguard

    • Executive Protection: If you are a high-profile person, it’s extremely important that you have a strong team of professionals to provide executive protection. High-profile people include everyone from celebrities to company executives and even people who have recently acquired an influx of attention from the media and society.

  •  Undercover Investigations

    • Are you constantly receiving a​ lot of bad reviews about your restaurant? hotel? or any business? if so, let keyes investigations come up  with a detailed strategy and plan to turn a 1 star Hotel, restaurant or any business into a 5 star.

  • Neighborhood Surveillance​​

  • Drone roof Inspections

  • *sUAS rural area aerial spot-checks-sUAS FAA Certified Remote Pilot #4388156

    • ​​Are you working in a rural area solo? in which clearly should be a 2 man crew? well welcome to the PI World! Insurance adjusters, case managers and supervisors expect you to toss some invisible dust on your vehicle and wait til the subject pass by  and you magically follow them 2 miles out of the neighborhood, then around the small country town population of 5 people, with a town speed limit of 25 mph. Then you wonder,  that's excally why they are sitting in the office in the first place. you are running a high risk of not only getting made, but all of a sudden your 8 hour day turns into a 2 hour day, due to the management team being stupid and cheap. they would rather you go out, get made and loss hours, then complain that you are not doing your job. sounds stupid right? well it happens all the time. That's when i come in to save the day!

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