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Season 1 Intro

Season 1 release day. Episodes 1-7

Season 1 Episodes

coming soon!

Carl Keyes

 Investigator & Bodyguard


Quad-copter Assistant


KEYES 2 THE CITY  is a Web series about a Private Investigator/Bodyguard who was born and raised in the country and now he Investigates and Bodyguard in the city and country with his quad-copter named Flip. Ride, fly, and go undercover with Keyes on his journey to expose the crooked! He follows the Police! Firefighters! Doctors! Cheaters! Executives! Actors! Professional athletes! Families! Pretend to be Homeless! Drug dealers! Employees! employees! Even Pit-bulls! There’s no place he won’t go, to get the video and photos he needs to put a stop to the dishonest behavior of individuals who feel as though they are above the law.

Travel along with Keyes, Flip, and Q to experience a unique action

thrilled Web series and be a part of the first-ever FPV goggles

interactive investigation and bodyguard Web series in which you, the

viewers will have the chance to become a Keyes 2 The City

Investigator for an episode.

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